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For a Victorian Christmas ~ Make Your Own Victorian Ivy Ribbons.

Probably the most Victorian Christmas decoration for 'dressing up' with love and warmth environs were ribbons made of ivy leaves - often, alas, we see them in plastic in our supermarkets - but there's no compasrison with the beauty and and the coziness that to a dining room would bring real scented ivy leaves, collected and sewn on strips of fabric to make drapes to place and hang almost everywhere, still fragrant with wood ?

And so let's watch this video driving us in the preparation of such decorations, to create them just like those that Victorian Ladies were delighted to realize and with which they personalized the most frequented rooms of their homes, generally placed at the ground floor, from the drawing room to the room where the main meals were consumed.

Enjoy my friends and readers, and have fun !

In the hope to have suggested you a Christmas decoration that stimulates your creativity and that gives you joy to realize, I'm waiting for you in a few days with new ideas to recreate the most Victorian Christmas you've ever lived!

With all my heart ðŸ’•


Forse la decorazione in assoluto più vittoriana per vestire di Natale la casa erano i festoni fatti con foglie di edera - spesso, ahimè, li vediamo in plastica nei nostri supermercati - ma volete mettere di quanta bellezza e di quanto calore si arricchirebbe una sala da pranzo decorata con foglie di edera vere, da noi raccolte e cucite su strisce di tessuto a fare drappeggi un po' ovunque, per giunta profumati di bosco?

Ed allora guardiamo insieme questo video che ci guida nella preparazione di tali addobbi, per crearli proprio come quelli che le Ladies vittoriane si dilettavano a realizzare e con cui personalizzavano i vani più frequentati delle loro dimore, generalmente situati al piano terra, dal drawing room ( salotto) alla dining room ( sala in cui venivano consumati i pasti principali ).

Buona visione e buon divertimento !

Nella speranza di avervi suggerito una decorazione natalizia che stimoli la vostra creatività e che vi doni gioia realizzare, vi do appuntamento alla prossima volta, con nuove idee per ricreare il Natale più vittoriano che mai abbiate vissuto !

Con tutto il cuore ðŸ’•

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  1. Very pretty indeed. It would look good on a stairway, the fireplace, or the tree.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a fabulous day, Dany. ♥

    1. @ Sandee
      we every year do use to decorate the stairway with a long ivy ribbon ... but it's made of plastic, even if it's very well done, it's false; this year I'm going to sobstitute it with one made with real ivy leaves, I cannot wait, I'm looking forward to the snow to melt, to have a walk onto our woods and gather them !

      Trusting you're having a lovely week so far,
      I'm sending blessings on your coming days, Dearie,
      ♥♡♥ thank you ♥♡♥

  2. Risposte
    1. @ Sandi
      and I love to have you here, new friend of mine, you're so heartily welcome !

      With utmost gratitude,
      I'm sending blessings to you wherever you are ಌ•❤•à²Œ

  3. Hello, I wish I was creative and able to make pretty decorations and bows and ribbons. Lovely images! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy and have a happy day!

    1. @ eileeninmd
      we aren't able to do the same things, fortunately, and you're such a capable photographer, indeed, yuou're an enviable birdwatcher, your shots amaze more and more, derest friend !

      Wishing you too a happy day, today,
      and a most beautiful remainder of your week ✿⊱╮

  4. Risposte
    1. @ krishna
      I'm so glad to read that you loved it, sweet friend, I heartily thank you !

      Sending blessings on your day ❥

  5. Grazie cara Daniela, bellissimo ed istruttivo anche questo video.
    Un bacio Susanna

    1. @ Susanna
      dolcissima amica, grazie a te per la tua preziosa presenza ed il tuo immancabile entusiasmo, la tua approvazione significa molto per me.

      Ti abbraccio forte forte con tutto il cuore ♡❤♡

  6. Risposte
    1. @ Kr. Eliane
      QUERIDA AMIGA, thank you, to read your words of enthusiasm bless my heart !

      *♥* BESITOS *♥*

  7. Very pretty Dany. I love Victorian Christmas decorations.

    1. @ thel day
      I welcome you with a big hug, I'm overjoyed with your presence here, darling friend !
      As you well know I lover everything Victorian, but what I love most are just all those things linked to Victorian Christmas, from cards, to gift boxes, to decorations, and I'm so, so glad to read your words of appreciation for this post of mine, you put a sweet smile on my face, I'm so grateful to you for this, I really needed it !

      Thank you blessings are sent on your way ⊰✽*✽⊱

  8. A lovely idea. Perhaps someday i will be able to try that, i don't think even i could mess up that sewing too badly.

    1. @ messymimi
      oh, this video is so well done to see in detail how to sew the leaves, I also think it to be very easy, my friend, I'm sure you're going to do a good work :)

      Enjoy yourself and have a lovely remainder of your week, sweetie ♡ஐ♡

  9. The ivy leaves would be so beautiful. I love everything natural and think it adds so much to our decor. I have baskets of pine boughs and pinecones! Holiday Hugs!

    1. @ Lavender Dreamer
      Victorian loved pine cones so much and used them to decorate wreaths and their Christmas Tree, as I will show you during the next days with other videos from this series which tried to make us bring back alive the real Victorian Spirit !

      Thanking you so much for gracing my blog today, dearest Diane,
      I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you,
      it's always a delight to welcome you here
      and read your nice and kind words ❀≼♥≽❀

  10. I love the snow too. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. I will now watch the video you've kindly shared. xx

    1. @ Joyful
      I'm wishing you too the Merriest and Brightest Christmas ever, dear friend,
      thank you ☆:*♥♥*:☆

  11. Seen that lady many times on the TV, she is very good

    1. @ Bill Nicholls
      she's Ruth Goodman, a popular Historian who's an expert in nineteenth-century social and domestic history. She also wrote a book about such topics "How to be a Victorian", which is truly lovely, believe me.
      I love everything she has done and still is doing to keep the ages I so love alive, I'm sincerely grateful to her for all her work.

      May your day be filled with smiles,
      thank you for taking the time for popping by ~ My little old world ~, dear friend !

      ༺✿༻ Hugs ༺✿༻

  12. My wife made almost all of the decorations on our Christmas tree. I will be sure to use a picture of it for the Christmas message on my blog this year.

    1. @ David Gascoigne
      good morning my friend and thank you for your so lovely visit, it's always such a joy to me to welcome you here !
      you're truly fortunate having a Christmas Tree decorated as they once did, I think that nowadays so few people may say to have a Christmas Tree with hand-made decorations, you may find artificial trees complete with their ornaments in every store, at least here in Italy, and, when I happen to see them, my heart jumps with sadness, believe me, that's not to preserve a tradition, it's just fashion, alas ...

      With utmost gratitude for the kindness of your heart,
      which graces ~ My little old world ~ and makes it precious to me more and more,
      I'm sending blessings on the remainder of your week
      sweet hugs to you and your wife ❥

  13. I had not seen the ivy ribbons before, isn't that so pretty and I like how the layering is done so you do not see the stitching, thanks for sharing and I hope you are enjoying this season leading up to Christmas!

    1. @ Conniecrafter
      Dearest One, I begun my run, like every year, these are such busy days ... I suppose for you too, but our heart is going to prepare itself to receive the Joy of Christmas, isn't it ?!?

      Wishing you a most wonderful Advent,
      I'm sending my dearest love to you,
      always thinking of you with thankfulness and admiration ♡❤♡

  14. Interesting. I'd be inclined to staple them on!

    1. @ Linda
      with your words you've filled my heart, thank you dear friend, your enthusiasm is mine ... much more increased !

      Sending hugs and ever much love to you ~✥ 

  15. Such a beautiful idea and there's always plenty of ivy growing wild!! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Off to bake more mince pies. I'll probably look like one before the season is over!!!

    1. @ Prunella Pepperpot
      my Dearest, we're all so busy during these days, but with such a inner joy growing more and more, aren't we ?

      So very pleased by your words of appreciation,
      I'm thanking you for gracing my blog with your always lovely presence too
      and wishing you much Love and Joy for the Season ☆:*•♥•♥•*:☆

  16. Hello, Daniela! That ivy leaves ribbon is beautiful. I usually make the Christmas door wreath from ivy, because there are lots of them in our garden. :-) I love the picture with the snowfall. :-) Your blog is wonderful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. @ Edit
      new friend of mine, you're heartily welcome !

      With utmost gratitude for your the kindness of your heart,
      I'm sending my dearest love to you ಌ•❤•à²Œ

      P.S.I'm coming and visit you at once ツ

  17. Grazie mille per il bellissimo video. Buona festa dell' Immacolata, cara Daniela

    1. @ Alessandra
      grazie a te, carissima, non sai il piacere e la gioia che donano al mio cuore le tue visite e le tue bellissime parole !

      Auguro anche a te un weekend di festa colmo di serenità e gioia,
      ringraziandoti sinceramente ☆:*•♥♥•*:☆

  18. Dany, this is beautiful!!
    Thank you so very much for this video, sweet friend.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Sending you hugs from across the ocean.

    1. @ Lisa Gordon
      I'm so glad to read that you loved it, precious friend of mine !!!

      I felt your hugs,
      and hope you'll feel mine,
      filled with love and thankfulness ❥

  19. What a lovely Victorian tradition! I had never known about this so thanks for the video. And thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Hope to see you there again tomorrow! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. @ Kathleen
      ... and I'm so grateful to you !
      Thank you for gracing my blog today, both with your lovely presence and with your so beautiful words of appreciation, dearest friend !

      Surely, I won't miss your inspiring party today, see you later there !

      Sending blessings on your way ❀≼♥≽❀

  20. So very pretty. How wonderful to make a strip with leaves. Informative. Hope you are enjoying the season. Merry Christmas to you dear Daniela:) love to you:)

    1. Crystal Grandeur,
      I wish you too a cheerful Christmas, filled with Joy and Wonder, dearest friend of mine!
      With heartfelt thankfulness,
      I'm sending much love to you ♡ஐ♡