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Giving back life to an Antique Headboard


When we got married, knowing the passion for restoration that Rossano and I, among others, share, an elderly acquaintance of ours gave us this ancient headboard of a bed as a present.
It had belonged to his family, it was still his grandparents' and for such a long time he had wanted to put it back in order, but not being good at decorating, he always postponed. He was a skilled wood craftsman, but he was unable to paint. Also about him I speak in the past tense because he passed away a couple of years ago due to his too advanced age - he was almost a hundred years old!
Over the years this antique piece passed from one cellar to another running more and more the risk of being irreparably damaged, until one day I made up my mind, I no longer wanted to wait anymore, continuing to move it and taking risks: our guest room had a very simple and very comfortable wooden bed that could fit in case of need and had been perfect until then, but this would have made everything more precious. And so, in agreement with Hubby, we decided to proceed with this restoration.
I waited for him to be available too - he had to start the work preparing the base with putty and brown paint, and only then I had to proceed with the minute decorations and finishing touches.

We placed it in our porch 

and, after encouraging one another, we began this work which seemed to be bigger than us!
Leaning against the columns of the arches, the part to be decorated was just at the right height I needed.
Unfortunately, the central part of the decoration, the most beautiful, the one with the floral motif, was so damaged, faded and scratched by too many hands that had touched it over the years,

impossible to redesign; so I decided to faithfully reproduce the mustard-colored side frames and then I had to recreate the flowers following the artistic and aesthetic canons of the time, leaving aside the originals that were almost invisible.

I chose to draw white roses also not to be busy with the choice of linen (bedspreads and blankets) and not to contrast with the wallpaper of bedroom where the bed would have been placed: with a neutral color there is no problem of matching!
Thus I went on painting the white decoration placed at the center of each panel.
So Hubby, when I ended with all the finishing touches, decided to superimpose three coats of flatting: it is a transparent and opaque spray so suitable as an insulator: it evens out everything, repels dust and makes it unalterable over time.

And here is the bed ready for our guests, in the room reserved for them, with an extra 'vintage touch' (this headboard dates back to the early 1800s).

After all, our home is all furnished according to the Victorian style and this was the only room to be completed in agreement with all the others.
What can I seemed an almost impossible adventure, but somehow we managed it, and I seem it was really worth.
And I love to give a new life to something very old, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction!
After all, I read, I don't remember where, that 


In the hope to have entertained you pleasantly,
I wish you all the best for the time which separates us from our next appointment,

See you soon 

Ridare vita ad un'antica testiera da letto

- IMMAGINE 1 - Decorazione della testiera del letto in corso

Quando ci siamo sposati, conoscendo la passione per il restauro che Rossano ed io, tra le altre, condividiamo, un anziano conoscente ci regalò questa antica testiera di un letto che era appartenuta alla sua famiglia, era ancora dei suoi nonni.
Da tempo la voleva rimettere in ordine, ma non essendo portato per i decori, rimandava sempre. Egli era un abile artigiano del legno, ma non era capace a dipingere. Anche a proposito di lui parlo al passato perché si è spento un paio di anni fa per l'età troppo avanzata - era poco meno che centenario!
Negli anni questo pezzo d'antiquariato passava da uno scantinato all'altro correndo sempre più il rischio di rovinarsi in modo irrimediabile, finché un giorno mi sono decisa, non ho più voluto attendere oltre continuando a spostarlo e a rischiare: la nostra camera degli ospiti aveva un letto in legno molto semplice e comodissimo che poteva andare bene in caso di necessità ed era stato perfetto fino ad allora, ma questo avrebbe reso tutto più prezioso. 
E così, d'accordo con mio marito, abbiamo deciso di procedere con questo restauro.
Ho aspettato che fosse disponibile anche lui, che avrebbe dovuto iniziare il lavoro per preparare il fondo con stucco e vernice, per poi procedere io per le minute decorazioni e rifiniture.
Abbiamo portato la testiera nel nostro portico,

- IMMAGINE 2 ed IMMAGINE 3 - Il portico di Tenuta Geremia

e, dopo essersi fatti coraggio l'un l'altro, abbiamo cominciato questo lavoro che sembrava più grande di noi!
Appoggiata alle colonne degli archi la parte da decorare risultava proprio all’altezza giusta che mi era necessaria. Purtroppo la parte centrale del decoro, la più bella, quella con il motivo floreale, era la più rovinata, sbiadita e graffiata dalle troppe mani che l’avevano toccata nel corso degli anni,

- IMMAGINE 4 - La testiera com'era prima del restauro

impossibile da ridisegnare; per cui ho deciso di riprodurre fedelmente le cornici laterali tinta senape mentre i fiori li ho dovuti ricreare seguendo quelli che erano i canoni artistici ed estetici del tempo, prescindendo dagli originali che risultavano quasi invisibili. 

- IMMAGINE 5 - Collage con le varie fasi del decoro in atto

Ho scelto di disegnare delle rose bianche anche per non essere impegnata con la scelta della biancheria (copriletto e coperte) e per non contrastare con la tappezzeria del vano in cui il letto sarebbe stato sistemato: con una tinta neutro non esiste alcun problema di abbinamento!
Quindi ho dipinto i decori bianchi al centro di ogni pannello che andavano a mettere in risalto le rose.
Una volta che ho ultimato con tutte le rifiniture Rossano ha deciso di sovrapporre tre strati di flatting trasparente opaco a spruzzo che fa da isolante, uniforma il tutto, respinge la polvere e rende il lavoro inalterabile con il tempo. 

- IMMAGINE 6 - 7 - 8 - Ultime fasi del restauro 

Ed ecco il letto pronto per i nostri ospiti, nella stanza a loro riservata, con un tocco vintage in più (la spalliera risale agli inizi del 1800).

- IMMAGINE 9 - Ultimato il restauro abbiamo potuto procedere con l'assemblaggio del letto (anche i montanti ed i piedi erano da sistemare ovviamente)

- IMMAGINE 10 - Collage che presenta gli aspetti più significativi della nostra stanza degli ospiti come è oggi

Dopotutto la nostra casa è tutta arredata in stile vittoriano e quella era rimasto l’unico vano da ultimare in accordo con gli altri.
Che dire… ci sembrava un lavoro quasi impossibile, ma in qualche modo siamo riusciti a sistemarla!
E poi dare nuova vita a qualcosa di molto antico mi dona una sensazione di appagamento!
Dopotutto, ho letto, non ricordo dove, che


Nella speranza di avervi intrattenuti piacevolmente,
Vi auguro tutto il meglio per il tempo che ci separa dal nostro prossimo appuntamento,

A presto 


I'm so proud to write that this blog-post was featured by Kathleen at Our Hopeful Home: I cannot help but copy what she wrote, I'm sincerely moved by her words ...

'Our friend Dany, of My Little Old World, recently reminded me of something important. While sharing a gorgeous vintage headboard restoration she stated that, "The best things in life are old, loved and rescued." I couldn't agree more. She proves her point by transforming an inherited vintage headboard (with her formidable artwork and sheer elbow grease) from a forlorn piece of history into a gorgeous, lovingly restored pieced of furniture we would all be proud to call our own. Drop by Giving Back Life To An Antique Headboard and see for your self.'

This blog-post was featured by two sweet ladies of the team, Bev at Ecletic Red Barn and Pam at an artful mom, I feel so excited, I've never happened to be featured twice in the same day!
I heartily thank both of you 

This blog-post was featured by Niki at Life as a LEO wife and introduced with these so beautiful words:
Daniela of Sweetly Dreaming of the Past is a big fan of history and all things antique. She has had this antique headboard for years and finally got around to restoring it to its former glory. While many people change the look of a piece of furniture when they “upcycle” it, she wanted to return it to its original condition. I must say that she absolutely nailed it!
I thank you dear lady from the bottom of my heart ⊰♥⊱

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  1. How incredible that you were able to get all of those details painted. You are very talented. Love the netting and beautiful linens on the bed too. It's a bed fit for a queen now. And the quote about the best things in life are old is perfect!

    1. Lavender Dreamer
      I feel so confused by all the beautiful things you've written in your comment, you're so generous, indeed, too generous with me I heartily thank you dear friend!
      With sincere gratitude for having appreciated this post of mine and the work I've showed in it (your opinion means so much to me!)
      ♡ஐ♡ I'm sending blessings on the remainder of your week ♡ஐ♡

  2. Oh my goodness. So beautiful. A new lease on life.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Daniela. ♥

    1. Sandee
      I thank you with a big big hug!
      May your days to come too be blessed with Joy and Wonder ༺❀༻

  3. Hello Dany
    You did a beautiful job restoring this headboard! What a beautiful piece of furniture that also has a long history. It looks very elegant in your guest room. I'm glad it was a project you enjoyed doing.
    Have a wonderful week my friend.

    1. Pat
      You truly present me such a beautiful gift with your words of appreciation, thank you sweet friend!
      Wishing you too a wonderful day and remainder of your week ❥

  4. wow! what an accomplishment! beautiful.

    1. klara
      I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
      sending blessing on your weekend to come ♡❤♡

  5. Daniela - congratulations! It can be scary to try something like this, and so I admire your bravery to get started. The first step always seems to be the hardest! And look at the result. A beautiful addition to the room. Thanks for sharing this with Mosaic Monday - someone else may be inspired to work on something they have been putting off!

    1. Angie
      You said it, we felt quite scary before than beginning this adventure, but we felt much more scary thinking of that waiting for any longer this could become too damaged to be recovered.
      As we went along, we saw that was coming something... not too bad to be used, and we arrived at the end!
      I sincerely thank you,
      your words of estimation mean so much to me!
      I pray your day is a blessed one ✿⊰✽⊱✿

  6. Dany, I just want to sit on that beautiful iron day bed of yours, which rests on your porch and drink in the beauty of your surroundings. Then, I would love to wander from room to room and gaze upon the beautiful ambience that is your home. After a very long while my feet would find the way to the guest room and lay my head on the pillow of the sublime bed you and your Rossanno beautifully restored together. Oh my, the painted scrollwork and the roses truly are a work of art. You have the steady and creative hand of an artist! What a beautiful gift the elderly gentleman blessed you with, Dany. Indeed, "the best things in life are old, loved and rescued".

    1. Kim
      that would be a dream to have you here, really!
      As for your words of praise for my work, well, you also are too generous with me, but I feel so happy to read that you like the result we've obtained.
      Thanking you once again-but never enough,
      I'm sending my dearest love to you ⊰♥Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ♥⊱

  7. That headboard is simply stunning. You and your husband did a wonderful job giving it new life. The guest room looks perfect. Thanks for sharing this big project with us. Have a blessed new week and a wonderful new month as well.

    1. My Tata's Cottage
      I would hug you for your so nice words, thank you Dearie!
      May you too be greatly blessed in the coming weekend
      and in the month just begun •ღ❤ღ•

  8. I love what you've done with this!
    Thanks so much for sharing at

    1. NcSue
      It is I who thank you!
      •♥•♥• Hugs, indeed, big hugs •♥•♥•

  9. WoW! your restoration is terrific! How wonderful that you took it on and succeeded! You ROCK!

    1. Mary, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon& Angel Nellie
      I heartily thank you for your words of heartfelt enthusiasm!
      Sending blessings on your new week ∗✿≫♥≪✿∗

  10. Oh my Dany, I will have to say that you have done a spectacular job of restoring this piece, I can only imagine how excited you were to see it come back to life after all this time. Oh I am sure that gentlemen would be so thrilled that he gave this to the right person that would someday bring it back to life and be such a lovely addition to the room. Wonderful work you have done with this one!

    1. Conniecrafter
      yours are the words of appreciation of an artist, that's the reason why I feel quite confused, dearest one, I thank you wholeheartedly!
      Well, actually when we begun I wasn't able at all to imagine the result, but now I feel glad that our room is finally complete and everything is in the same style.
      I wanted to invite the elderly man who gave it to us some years ago, just to let him see that we have considered his gift so precious and were able to give it a new life, but he passed away a few months ago after having gone to live together with his nephew far away from us, alas!
      I hope he can watch us from Up Above!
      Thanking you once again,
      I'm sending my biggest hug ever across the Ocean ∗⊱༺♡❀♡༻⊰∗

  11. Risposte
    1. Jackie McGuinness
      Thank you new friend of mine, God Bless!
      ♥♡♥ Enjoy the new week ♥♡♥

  12. ...restoring items from the past is wonderful. Thanks Daniela for sharing, I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful week.

    1. Tom
      So you also love restoring ancient and old items, dear friend.. you're right, that's truly a wonderful job!
      In the hope you too had a wonderful week,
      I'm wishing you a joy-filled Monday and week to come ✿⊱╮

  13. Che splendida sorpresa! ti intendi di restauro e sei una vera artista, le rose sono deliziose: la camera è perfetta per una sosta romantica e rigenerante nello spirito... chissà, magari in un prossimo futuro... è uno dei miei sogni nel cassetto, passeggiare nei vialetti della Tenuta
    Un saluto grande, grande

    1. Franca
      Mia cara, oh no, non sono davvero una vera artista, sono una vera dilettante che lavora con passione ed attenzione ai dettagli, quello sì... sei troppo generosa con me!
      Sì, ti aspetto a qui Tenuta Geremia, so che un giorno sarà possibile realizzare questo sogno...
      E che la tua settimana scorra serena ed in spensieratezza ⊰✽*✽⊱

  14. Risposte
    1. Michele Morin
      I so love to have you here, Dear friend, I appreciate your opinion so much, you're such a good-hearted lady and always write so lovely and sweet words, thank you!
      May God bless your new week ❥

  15. Dany, this is simply magnificent. I cannot believe what a tough job this restoration would be and you undertook it so faithfully and with full understanding of its ultimate placement. The work is very detailed and exacting and the result is splendid. I can imagine how your guests feel, walking into that beautiful room, especially after a long day of having fun or exploring your region and having a divine haven such as this in which to rest and restore. Well done. Very well done.

    1. Jeanie
      Here's the opinion of another artist which makes me feel uneasy, oh darling, you're too good to me, I'm not an artist at all, YOU ARE!
      You say that the result is splendid, I cannot believe my eyes... I thank you, really and heartily, you're a painter, oh my!
      With utmost gratitude for your words of appreciation, truly very meaningful to me,
      I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you *•♥♥•*

  16. Risposte
    1. R's Rue
      Thank you!
      May your day be filled with many little things
      which to be glad for ✥*⊰♥⊱*✥

  17. It takes a steady hand to do such artful work.

    1. Magical Mystical Teacher
      I have a steady hand, but it's not enough, since I'm not an artist and I happened quite seldom to do such works, well, I felt quite confused when I started, that's all, ... it was something like a leap in the dark... I painted when I was a girl, then the studies took all the time I had, and I gave up going on, but the love for painting is still part of my life and maybe helps me in some work needing aestethical taste...
      With utmost thankfulness,
      I wish you a day filled with smiles and gladness ಌ•❤•ಌ

  18. Daniela,
    OMG, your bed is just so beautiful. Congratulations, you are being featured on Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.

    1. Dearest Bev,
      for a moment my heart stopped beating, I'm so thrilled and proud for this feature of yours!
      Be sure, tomorrow I'll be there, I'll come and visit you, TFT party is always so captivating to me!
      See you tomorrow,
      I'd love to wish you 'Good night' since here in Northern Italy is almost half past nine p.m., but I'm leaving you with my warmest and biggest hug ever,
      enjoy the remainder of your day, Sweet Lady,
      THANK YOU ༺❀༻

  19. That is an absolutely beautiful restoration, Daniela. I'm in awe of it. I'm featuring it at tomorrow's TFT party. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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    1. Pam,
      Dear, I feel so excited, that's the very first time you feature a blog-post of mine and I'm sincerely honored by this, I feel speechless and my heart is filled with joy to overflowing after reading your so beautiful words...

    2. You're so very welcome, Daniela! I fell in love with the headboard, and I'm so amazed at the talent you have. Thank you so much for sharing at our party so faithfully! 💗

    3. Pam,
      to join TFT Party is a 'must' to me, it's such a pleasure and delight I cannot renounce to!
      Thank you once again for your beautiful words, and for the feature as well, and enjoy your weekend to come, sweet lady ♡ஐ♡

  21. Just lovely how you and your husband work together to restore such a unique piece. You two are good for each other!

    I love the soft, romantic feel of your home. It seems so cozy!

    Thanks for sharing this with us at the Homestead Blog Hop last week! Please come back today and share more projects and inspirations, and take a look around! Maybe you’ll find another idea or two!

    Ridge Haven Homestead
    Homestead Blog Hop

    1. Laurie Cover,
      I heartily thank you for all the beautiful things you've written in your comment!
      I'm just coming back from your Blog Hop and I've found it such an inspiring Party again, thank you for hosting it!
      I reciprocate your blessings, dear friend,
      and may your Thanksgiving Day be the most wonderful ever ❥

  22. Wow- such a transformation! Lovely to see and so smart of you!

    1. Kathe W.,
      I heartily thank you, Dearie, I'm so glad you liked it!
      Wishing you a most lovely day, today ♥♡♥

  23. Wow! You did an amazing job re-fabbing this headboard. It looks perfect! I will definitely keep this in mind if I come across an old headboard! Thanks for coming to share on Crafty Creatores!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

    1. Niki,
      Your words of appreciation make my day, thank you!
      *❖ Sending hugs and more hugs across the many miles ❖*

  24. Congrats! I'll be featuring this post tomorrow on Crafty Creators!

    1. Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife,
      I'm so honoured by this nomination-acknowledgement of yours, I heartily thank you!
      I'll come and visit you today in the afternoon ♡❤♡