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James Hayllar, English Victorian Painter and beginner of a dinasty of artists.

The Centre of Attraction


Born in Chichester - at that time Sussex, now West Sussex, James Hayllar begun his studies at the Cary's Art Academy in London (in 1851 he painted a portrait of Francis Steven Cary rector of the Academy and already famous painting teacher of some Pre-Raphaelites such as Millais and Rossetti) and then attended the Royal Academy.

He traveled to Italy from 1851 to 1853, staying in the main Italian cities of art during his trip and particularly in Rome where he met another famous Victorian English painter (and sculptor), Sir Frederic Leighton. Regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy from 1850 to 98, he also showed his canvases at the British Institution and at the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA).

Initially Hayllar gained fame as a portraitist, but then he adapted his brush to what was called in English 'genre painting', that kind of painting that immortalizes scenes of daily and family life, thus making his work even much more popular.

Together with George Dunlop Leslie, who like him lived in the small town of Wallingford, located in Berkshire - now South Oxfordshire - and with whom he shared the same kind of painting, painted a great portrait of Queen Victoria to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in 1887, painting that today is still hanging on one of the walls of the town hall.

After marrying Edith Phoebe Cavell (1827-1899), aunt of Edith Cavell, the famous British nurse who was to be shot by the Germans because of betrayal during the Great War, he bought "Castle Priory" where he lived from 1875 to 1899, that is until he was widowed - and it is precisely during the years he lived there together with his family that the most expressive paintings date back, they're those depicting life scenes of the village and the surrounding areas.
This dwelling is remembered, especially by the daughters, as a place of gladness in which echoed cries of joy coming from children who not only lived there, but who often joined them, such as neighbors and cousins: the couple had nine children, four males and five females, five of whom became affirmed artists in turn.

Due to his wife's death, Hayllar moved to Bournemouth, where he remained until he expired in 1920.



As the Twig is bent so is the Tree inclined

A Family Grouping

Title unknown

 The Thorn

Mabel's Pensioners

 The Only Daughter

Never too late to Learn

Tea Time

May Day

Grandfather's Little Nurse

The First Born

Miss Lily's Carriage Stops the Way

 The Lemonade Drink

As for his offspring, one of the male children became a listed sculptor (we don't know exactly which one) and four daughters of his, following their father's footsteps, became famous painters in turn so much to see their works exhibited at the Royal Academy: I'm talking of

JESSICA HAYLLAR (1858-1940);

When we first met

EDITH HAYLLAR (1860-1948);

A Christmas Dinner at the Rectory

MARY HAYLLAR (1863-1950);

A Summer Shower

KATE HAYLLAR (1883-1900).

The Age of Innocence

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Framing the Hayllar Sisters: a multi-genre biography of four English Victorian painters
Mary Gabrielle Hayllar, 2012;

James Hayllar's biography in Victorian Artists.

- immagine 1 - The Centre of Attraction


Nato a Chichester nell'allora Sussex (ora West Sussex) James Hayllar vide formarsi la sua preparazione in ambito artistico presso la Cary's Art Academy di Londra ( è datato 1851 è un suo ritratto di Francis Steven Cary rettore della Academy è già insegnante di pittura di celebri Preraffaelliti tra cui Millais e Rossetti ) e quindi presso la Royal Academy.

Egli viaggiò in Italia dal 1851 al 1853 toccando, durante il suo viaggio, le principali città d'arte italiane e soggiornando particolarmente a Roma dove ebbe occasione di incontrare un altro famoso pittore ( e scultore ) dell'Inghilterra Vittoriana, Sir Frederic Leighton; espositore regolare presso la Royal Academy dal 1850 al 98, egli esibì le sue tele anche presso la British Institution e la Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), di cui era inoltre membro.

- immagine 2 sulla sinistra - Inizialmente Hayllar guadagnò fama come ritrattista, ma poi adeguò il suo pennello a quella che viene chiamata in inglese 'genre painting' ossia quel tipo di pittura che immortala scene di vita quotidiana e famigliare, facendo divenire così il suo operato ben più popolare.
Insieme con George Dunlop Leslie, che abitava con lui nella piccola cittadina di Wallingford, situata allora nel Berkshire - ora Oxfordshire meridionale - e con cui condivideva il genere di pittura, dipinse un grande ritratto della Regina Vittoria per celebrare il Golden Jubilee nel 1887; il dipinto ora è appeso ad una delle pareti del municipio della cittadina.

Dopo aver sposato Edith Phoebe Cavell (1827-1899), zia di Edith Cavell, la famosa infermiera britannica che doveva essere fucilata dai tedeschi sotto accusa di tradimento durante la prima guerra mondiale, acquistò "Castle Priory" dove abitò dal 1875 al 1899 - ossia fino a che rimase vedovo - ed è proprio a questo periodo che risalgono i dipinti più espressivi che ritraggono scene di vita del villaggio e delle zone limitrofe.
Questa dimora viene ricordata, soprattutto dalle figlie, come luogo della gioia in cui riecheggiavano le grida dello stuolo di bambini che non solo vi abitavano, ma che spesso a loro si univano, tra vicini e cugini: la coppia ebbe infatti nove figli, quattro maschi e cinque femmine, dei quali ben cinque divennero affermati artisti a loro volta.

In seguito alla morte della moglie, Hayllar si trasferì a Bournemouth, dove rimase fino alla sua dipartita, avvenuta nel 1920.



- immagine 3 - As the Twig is bent so is the Tree inclined

- immagine 4 - A Family Grouping

- immagine 5 - Title unknown

- immagine 6 - The Thorn

- immagine 7 - Mabel's Pensioners

- immagine 8 -  The Only Daughter

- immagine 9 - Never too late to Learn

- immagine 10 - Tea Time

- immagine 11 - May Day

- immagine 12 - Grandfather's Little Nurse

- immagine 13 - The First Born

- immagine 14 - Miss Lily's Carriage Stops the Way

- immagine 15 -  The Lemonade Drink

Quanto alla sua discendenza, uno dei figli maschi divenne un quotato scultore ( non si sa con esattezza quale ) e quattro delle figlie, seguendo le orme del padre, divennero famose pittrici a loro volta tanto da vedere anche le loro opere esposte alla Royal Academy: sto parlando di

JESSICA HAYLLAR (1858-1940);

- immagine 16 - When we first met

EDITH HAYLLAR (1860-1948);

- immagine 17 - A Christmas Dinner at the Rectory

MARY HAYLLAR (1863-1950);

- immagine 18 - A summer Shower

KATE HAYLLAR (1883-1900).

- immagine 19 - The Age of Innocence

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Framing the Hayllar Sisters: a multi-genre biography of four English Victorian painters
Mary Gabrielle Hayllar, 2012;

James Hayllar's biography in Victorian Artists.

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  1. A great series of touching images. How fortunate that artists recorded these scenes of domestic life in all its variations since there were no cameras back then. Today many people are photographed literally scores of times each day, and selfies seem to be today's vanity tool, but think of all the countless millions of people in times past who never had their image reproduced at all and their descendants had no idea what they even looked like. Thanks for an interesting post.

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  2. What a lovely post about a wonderful family. You can see their happiness in the paintings. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

    1. @ Sandee
      dearest friend, you're right, their images talk about the serenity of their life and the beauty of their soul, actually I love them all just for this !

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  3. Never heard before of the Hayllars but these Victorian paintings are really wonderful. I cannot choose which I like most, may be 'The Thorn', but they are all beautiful.

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  4. I dipinti vittoriani sono tra quelli che adoro di più. Mi piacciono le ambientazioni, i costumi, le scene quotidiane rappresentate. Grazie per la favolosa carrellata
    Bacioni Alessandra

    1. @ Alessandra
      come ti capisco mia cara, per me è la medesima cosa, tutte le emozioni che mi trasmettono le tele vittoriane non sono in grado di comunicarmele nessun altro genere di pittura, per me questi dipinti sono fotografie fatte con il pennello, anzi, in esse sono dipinti stati d'animo e sentimenti che la fotografia odierna non è in grado di catturare e ridonarci !

      Ti abbraccio con il cuore, mia cara,
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  5. These paintings of every day life are deeply moving.

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  6. Dearest Dani, you do share some of the loveliest pieces of history here. I have never heard of the Hayllars and their incredible paintings of that time period, what an amazing glimpse into their life at that time! I enjoyed each one, and the titles too! Thank you for sharing so much wonderful history here on your very sweet and charming blog :)

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  7. Thank you; I enjoy Victorian paintings although I don't know much about art. The sweetness of the children's expressions moves me.

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  10. Wow!! Cara Dany che bel post!! Ma sai che credevo quasi che fosse Anker! Conoscerai sicuramente questo pittore anche e devo dire che assomiglia molto. Un abbraccio e buon wk🤗🤗😘💓

    1. @ Woody
      carissima, che gioia averti qui stamani !
      Ad Anker ho già dedicato un post tempo fa - clicca QUI se hai piacere di leggerlo - affascinata dal tocco romantico e realistico del suo pennello ... per me è tra i pittori più espressivi del vecchio continente, se non addirittura il più espressivo in assoluto, tra quelli che vissero durante il secolo XIX.

      Ti abbraccio caramente
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  11. Such wonderful artists. Such beautiful paintings of everyday life long ago.

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  13. Oh my he surely did beautiful work didn't he, and had a good amount of kids, so neat that some grew up and ended up doing the same thing, and they were wonderful artist in their own right

    1. @ Conniecrafter
      ...neat and quite unusual that some kids of his inherited his artistic talent, becoming artist themselves, I think it to be nearly unique !

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  15. These are such lovely and endearing scenes of domestic life, dear Dany! Wonderful to read about this artist and see his beautiful works. The paintings capture such detail - especially the fabrics of the clothing! So lovely that some of his children carried on in his footsteps and became accomplished artists in their own right. Thank you for sharing these and hope you have a lovely week, my friend. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

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  18. What a lovely story! And his pictures are so expressive and life-like! Thank you for the history behind the painter and his family and thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm -- hope to see you there at tomorrow's party as well:) xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home

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  19. Fine work! I love the paintings with Vermeer-style window light.

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  20. I am not familiar with his work but how I love these paintings. Every image tells a story with great love and warmth and beauty. They all have such heart and soul. No, Hayllars was new to me as well, and I'm so glad you introduced us.

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